Indevco Data Exchange (IDX)


Easternpak brings you Indevco Data Exchange (IDX), a unique business interlink aimed to drive your business into new directions towards more efficiency, increased automation, and enhanced profitability.

What is IDX?

Indevco Data Exchange (IDX) is a fully automated service bringing together the Information Management Systems of Easternpak and the client/supplier. The service identifies the protocol and securely shares data and information without accessing the client’s ERP system.

IDX not only processes and tracks sales orders but also covers the pre and post ordering activities like RFQs, bids, tenders, and more, as well as quality assurance, logistics, invoicing, and more functions that serve the client and automate processes and transactions.

IDX includes the cycle of processes, parties, and functions to create a positive customer experience guaranteeing efficient business processes, online transactions and availability of data and information, secure data integrity, transparency and accuracy, professionalism, and automation.

What are the benefits of IDX?

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Cost Savings

Automating the entire process will eliminate human errors and lower transactional costs. The automation can also shorten the order processing and delivery times leading to an improvement in cash flow.


Automated processing and quick access to workflows will speed up the business processes and transactions. In addition, by providing the platform speaking a common business language, IDX helps facilitate business partners’ onboarding and supplies base expansion.


The Alerts and e-mail notifications keep the client updated and fully aware of its data, covering all customer experience and processing cycles; ahead of problems and anomalies should they ever exist. Alerts and notifications also help the client increase productivity by undertake more business operations and transactions with fewer human resources.


IDX is only a data exchange tool generated by the clients’ inputs. It does not have access to the client’s ERP. This keeps your data protected making it more securely shared across a wide variety of communication protocols and security standards.

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Data Integrity and Availability

By allowing parties to communicate on a unique platform, IDX assures a high level of data integrity. The data exchange with the client increases its accuracy. The data availability, online and a few clicks away, offered by IDX, provides the client with full visibility of his transactions allowing proactive in taking decisions. All these lead to a transparent business relationship leading to better service.

Environmental Sustainability

With IDX’s electronic nature that eliminates paper-based processes, you save money and reduce CO2 emission.


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