Replacing Plastic Bins with innovatively customized Corrugated Bins

EASTERNPAK Ltd. joined forced with a multinational logistics company, and a leading player in the courier and package delivery services to write a new chapter of their eco-friendly and sustainability journey with the innovatively customized Corrugated Bins while ensuring all organization and safety standards are being met.

Following our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); and thanks to this innovation’s functionality, we were able to replace the plastic bins with the new signature product: the corrugated bins.
Mainly used for stacking and storage purposes, the bins are made of a double wall corrugated material, with which optimal sturdiness is certainly guaranteed.  In this context, the corrugated bins have been used as tray options at the heart of logistics company warehouse shelves.

Emphasizing the fruitful collaboration between both parties, The Company’s Marketing Manager states that: “The outstanding corrugated bins have facilitated the sorting and distribution of items and accelerated the delivery process, helping the team cope better with the COVID_19 safety measures”.

Besides, EASTERNPAK’s Executive Director also summarizes it well: “It is an out of the box creation that fulfills the safety and functionality demands of delivery services while resorting to recyclable materials.”

Since 1994, EASTERNPAK has been always concerned about providing fully-fledged solutions to the ever-changing and demanding cross-industry needs, and never fails at putting all the necessary assets, skills and vision to meet the expectations of its partners, offering them the best outcome.

Meanwhile, EASTERNPAK is looking forward to expanding this great experience, aiming at creating more sustainable and eco-friendly communities.