Easternpak premises going through daily sanitation routines.

Easternpak premises going through daily sanitation routines.

With the continuous spread of COVID-19 around the world and in the MENA region, the Easternpak management implemented strict daily sanitation routines that covered offices, plants, warehouses, and all the premises.

This also comes in line with the regular employees check-up every morning to ensure that so potentially sick individual enters the premises and poses the risk of infection upon others, especially those who are dealing with customers’ orders.

Our management has always been keen on ensuring a safe and hygienic working environment, making the well-being of its employees, suppliers, customers, and stakeholders its number one priority.


Established in 1994 and located in Saudi Arabia, Easternpak is a member of Napco Paper Containers a division of Napco National. We specialize in manufacturing and converting corrugated packaging products, including carry solutions, shipping and transportation boxes, high-resolution promotional packaging, and catering and delivery boxes.